Epistemology. Episteshmology.

Critical Studies II

The Perfect Leader

Spier Contemporary 2010 Winner
Jessica Gregory and Zen Marie

The Perfect Leader is a short film that questions political leadership.

In part, the film is a homage to Jorgen Leth’s The Perfect Human (1967) which is a surreal and (subtly) cynical
look at the idea of a perfect human. The film updates Jorgen Leth’s original and uses it as a vehicle to pose questions
about the cult of the individual that is predominant in contemporary leadership practices. Taking both formal as well as
conceptual cues from this iconic film, The Perfect Leader addresses leadership as an ambiguous and problematic space.

Vega Graduate Show 2010

The Perfect Brief

Too much freedom leads to shit design. Creativity loves obstructions.

In the The 5 Obstructions Lars Von Trier provokes Jørgen Leth out of depression. He is to remake Det perfekte menneske over, and over again, but each time with stricter, more annoying obstructions.

Students think they want freedom. Von Trier’s method teaches them the value of un-freedom.

Theme Love
Process Play
Output Pornography

Theme Sickness
Process Collaborate with person over 75 years old
Output Open

Theme The Film Top Gun
Process Use a skill your mother has
Output A calendar