You’re delicious. I love you.

Jonathan Cane, Kate White, Jesse Coetsee, Adrian Tx, Storm Arlington.


The Mess Pop-up Restaurant

It was something like food curating (sounds wanky to be sure); it definitely WAS NOT a restaurant; or an catering co. Something like art (with a lowercase) and design (with an uppercase). Definitely about being generous and not so much about making money. Mostly it was a pain in the arse; but often it was lovely.

The Super - Market in Parkhurst

The Super was Joburg’s response to famine; the lack of inspiring & generous places to procure our weekly groceries.

Joburg’s new ‘supermarket’ - only more super and more market.

Quilter & Workman

Loft House-Restaurant on the edge of Hillbrow. Dangerous? Not so much. Noisy? very. Tasty? yes.